The necessity of getting treated for substance use cannot be overemphasized. Drugs and alcohol are tearing lives apart all around us, it ruins families, and robs us of our sanity. Therefore, it’s necessary you urge someone who is using drugs to get help. If you’re using them, stop and ask yourself if you want more out of life!

In our world today, no one ever starts out thinking, I can’t wait to become an addict. We do it because we have a deeper need that is not being fulfilled inside us. Before I attended rehab I thought I was going to talk about drugs all day and how not to use them again. In fact, I learned about me and how I operate. Getting to know myself and why I was self medicating was the root of my problem. When it comes to drugs and alcohol, getting detoxed is needed for most substances but treatment is essential and necessary for long term recovery.

Firstly, you might need to stop for a second and take into account the dangers that drug and alcohol poses on our responses to everyday life issues. Don’t ever underestimate the power of addiction. It can become stronger than you and every preconceived notion that you may have. So, a step to recovery would be realizing it’s not just about you and it’s all about you at the same time. Supervised treatment is needed even though you might be reluctant to admit it. Many people think that what they do with their lives is nobody else’s business. “You do your thing and I’ll do mine.” It certainly impacts everyone around you. You might be tempted to ask who does it impact exactly? To answer this question, a good illustration would be better. Let’s imagine that the eldest in a family is hooked on drugs, such brother or sister is unconsciously setting an example which younger sibling wouldn’t mind trying out. They might think to themselves that: if my brother is doing it, then it’s okay for me to do it too.

Secondly, you might say that it’s my life and whatever I do with it is entirely up to me. On a second thought, if you think this way, you are entirely right. But, do you believe that our decisions have consequences attached to them? Just like sowing and reaping principle. Or do you know that failing to get professional help can hamper a lot of things now and in your future. Let’s think about this for a moment, you might fail to live a wonderful life and be the best you that you can be- thanks to drugs and alcohol. Also, being a positive influence and role model in society would be far from reality, but in recovery is something entirely different. Believe me, no one in his senses would want an active user to be a role model, but again an addict in recovery is something entirely different.

Like it or not, many will be impacted and consumed just as much as you. The most painful of all would be the feeling of desperation when that withdrawal kicks in and you are forced to hurt more people by deceiving or stealing from them for that next high that’s never as good as you want it to be. We end up causing more and more problems that we will eventually have to face one day, if we’re lucky! As we know death is also a major factor and a real possibility. But, getting treatment from a professional and learning how to move forward in life as a recovering addict or alcoholic can reverse all these dilemmas.

Moreover, professional help and treatment for any addiction is needed. Stopping on our own, when possible teaches us nothing and relapse is in most cases a matter of when. If treatment isn’t considered, we tend to live a life pattern chasing happiness but actually getting further from it. Passivity would be a norm and taking responsibility and wanting to get help would be out of the menu- nobody wants to be in this category. It kills. Please pause for a second and think about how much you can do with your life. Also, think how failing to get treatment could stop you. Obviously, there's so much at stake and you just can’t afford an addiction with all the amazing things that you plan on doing with your life.

In summary, treatment for drug and alcohol related addictions and issues are beneficial. A lot is being risked if it isn’t sought after. There’s no better feeling for a human being than to realize that you are living in the rewards of right choices that you made in the past. Whether painful or convenient. Failing to get professional help helps no one. Rather, it suck out the life out of you. Eventually leading to guilt and ultimately regret. Lest I forget, it costs too much, in terms of time, money, brain cells, focus, relationships, and happiness. And it only gets worse when you become an adult. It's my hope that you would make the right choice by swallowing the pride that comes along with asking for help. It’s that same pride that laid my many friends to rest.

If you need assistance and would like to speak to someone call (800) 880-4823 or email Resources@AmericaFightingSubstanceAbuse.com