There was a time when someone reached out and helped us get the help we needed. Now, it is our purpose in life as recovering addicts and alcoholics to give back, and offer support and resources for anyone struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

The active user, their family and community are all affected by addiction, and our mission is to offer as much as possible to all. We have compiled many resources around the country over the years. When someone is struggling and wants help, well time is of the essence. The addicted mind will change quickly so we must act fast when they are having a moment of clarity. We are here and have done the research for you and like to respond quickly.

It is our goal to save lives and continue to spread HOPE through our own experience that recovery is possible.

Every overdose is someone’s child, together we can make a difference!



Spread hope

Become a member of our support group. This group is a place to share your experience, strength and hope with others.