Since 2016, we have led the effort to provide people struggling with addiction and their families with resources. We have been at the forefront of this addiction epidemic, making it certain that those that want help receive it.


Our Mission

We aim to provide resources nationwide to anyone that is willing to put forth the effort and make some changes in their life. Our focus is on providing options in a timely manner as those in active addiction change their mind about attending a program quickly. We cut down the time it takes for families and those struggling to do the research themselves and potentially saving someone from their next use. Our purpose is to remain sober ourselves all while helping those in active addiction today.

AFSA has helped countless people locate treatment facilities where they have the ability to start their journey in recovery”
— Aaron Almeida, Founder of AFSA

What We've Achieved

  • Provided people with free treatment options.

  • Provided people with low cost treatment options.

  • Provided people with private facility options.

  • Helped people through the grueling process of health coverage acceptance.

  • Provided people with information to help understand levels of care and their importance.

  • Provided people with scholarships.